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Open Your Lovely Eyes

Hi you wonderful people! My name is Joel (I'm the older dude in that photo above--the younger dude is my son when he was a baby), and I'm ethnically like, 99% Ashkenazi Jewish (tho we all originally came from African apes etc. etc., and my belief system is the teachings of the Buddha , and my political persuasion is voluntaryism , and I haven't spoken Yiddish in a long time, nor have I ever been to Israel). Despite the stereotype, I'm not rich at all, and in fact I give away most of my income to a charity that I know for a fact is legit, unlike most of them (ahem, Gates Foundation ... Rockefeller Foundation ...). If you're my target audience, then you hate me, even though you don't know me at all, which I personally think is pretty funny! How can you hate someone you don't even know? Don't you think that's funny? :)))) Maybe you've just never had a Jewish friend or something. Well, if not, you can call me up and we can chat! But only if you rea